Why do you need a file security product?

File security products are designed to protect the central servers of a company or organization against threats.

Ideally, a file security product should be installed on each non-specialized server to prevent the important resources of your organization from being infected. Companies are increasingly allowing users to store files on a corporate network share. Unfortunately, network shares are not adequately protected against harmful files.

The risk is that storing a malicious file on a network drive by just one person can immediately cause a snowball effect, making the (important) files of your organization inaccessible.

“When an attack or a data breach has taken place, organizations are usually surprised that their defense has been compromised or are completely unaware that the attack has even taken place.”

DigiState is a Registered Partner of ESET and delivers all ESET services as customized solutions to companies and organizations.
DigiState is Registered Partner van ESET en levert alle ESET diensten van als maatwerkoplossingen aan bedrijven en organisaties.

ESET File Security offers advanced security for all general servers, storage of network files and multifunctional servers. Special attention is paid to ensuring that the servers are stable to keep maintenance windows and restarts at a minimum level so as not to disrupt business continuity.

File Security as a managed service

DigiState provides the file security services as a managed service. We can monitor your storage for you while you can always check the current status of the security of your files yourself.

DigiState is registered partner of ESET and offers all ESET File Security and Endpoint protection solutions such as:

ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server

Cross-platform anti-malware protection against contamination via shared files and compromised host systems.

ESET File Security for Microsoft Azure

ESET NOD32 technology that protects VMs and releases system resources.

ESET File Security for Linux / FreeBSD

Cross-platform anti-malware protection against contamination via shared files and compromised host systems.

It is very important for any organization to be prepared and get the proper IT security measures in place. DigiState can help you with this and as always, it can be done scalable and cost-efficient.

How to prepare your IT Security? Call DigiState and let us know how we can help you in securing your IT infrastructure.