Multi-layer security through Endpoint protection

The use of a single layer of security is no longer sufficient to protect against current and future threats. DigiState therefore offers endpoint security solutions that can detect malware before, during and after execution.

Realistic and up-to-date scenario for Endpoint protection

What is a realistic scenario in which Endpoint protection can be important?

Your organization has 80 endpoints, for example, 40 workstations and 40 mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, Chromebooks, etc.). Your organization has a high security need because you are a data-driven organization. Everything must be safe, secure and must be protected against ransomware. Securing mobile devices is therefore extra important so that two-way authentication (2FA) can not be intercepted, and your infrastructure is safe thanks to all your efforts.

“Endpoint protection solutions offer defense layers that not only prevent malware, but also detect if it ever existed within an organization.”

Endpoint protection as a managed service

DigiState provides Endpoint protection as a managed service. Each endpoint is visible in the dashboard which you as a customer can also access so you can see in one instance the status of the endpoints, whether they are up to date, whether there are viruses detected etc.

DigiState is a Registered Partner of ESET and provides all ESET services as customized solutions to companies and organizations.

DigiState is Registered Partner van ESET en levert alle ESET diensten van als maatwerkoplossingen aan bedrijven en organisaties.

Endpoint Security (for Windows & Mac)

Extensive award-winning anti-malware protection that combines machine learning, big data and human expertise.

  • Windows – Includes Web Control, Network Attack Protection and Botnet Protection.
  • Mac – Includes antimalware, anti-phishing, Web Control and Network Attack Protection.

What are the benefits of the Endpoint Security

  • Provide protection against ransomware
  • Block targeted attacks
  • Prevent data leaks
  • Stop file-less attacks
  • Detect Advanced Persistent Threats

Endpoint Antivirus (for Windows & Mac)

Protection with a low (Mac) system load or without system delay (Windows) against malware and cross-platform infections. With central management.

Endpoint Antivirus (for Linux Desktop)

Powerful cross-platform anti-malware protection for Linux desktop systems.

What are the benefits of the Endpoint Antivirus

  • Cross-platform protection
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Low system load
  • Provides protection against ransomware
  • Blocks targeted attacks
  • Stops file less attacks
  • Prevent data leaks
  • Prevent zero-day attacks
  • Central Management

As with many IT matters, it is very important to be prepared. The services of DigiState can help you with this and as always, this can be scalable and cost-efficient.

How do you prepare? Call DigiState and let us know how we can help you in securing your IT infrastructure.