Email Security through Phishing as a service

A frequently used method to retrieve confidential data from people who are active on the Internet is the so-called “Phishing”. With this method, criminals try to gain access to sensitive information. With this information they can do a lot of harm.

This often happens via sending e-mails that seem to come from trusted parties such as banks, Social Media or the government. A malicious link will then be placed in these e-mails. If the receiving party clicks on the link, the attacking party gets access to the device and can then take over the system with all its consequences.

DigiState is a Guardian360 partner and provides all Guardian360 IT Security services as customized solutions to companies and organizations.

DigiState is partner van Guardian360 en levert alle IT-Security diensten van Guardian360 als maatwerkoplossingen aan bedrijven en organisaties.

“When recipients are aware of certain characteristics, they will be less likely to fall into the Phishing trap.”

What does Phishing as a service mean?

With Phishing as a service, we try to raise awareness among your employees about the dangers that these attacks may imply. This is done by using a series of specially developed Phishing e-mail templates. You can choose the best suited templates from these series that suit your organization best. This series of templates is continuously supplemented with new variants.

The emails that you have selected will then be sent to your employees, after which DigiState can measure how often and to what extent the recipients did not realize that this was a Phishing attack. For example how many people clicked on the link and what they did after that, for example filling in / leaving login details etc.

You will receive the findings afterwards in a comprehensive report.

What are the results of this awareness?

  • Phishing emails are often sent to several people within an organization. The sooner this is reported, the faster the mail will be quarantined
  • Possible stolen passwords can be reset quickly by the system administrators, thereby neutralizing the problem
  • If malware has found its way in, the affected system can be quickly quarantined
  • Employees get a positive feeling about security awareness by training them

DigiState strongly recommends giving awareness training periodically to the entire staff. In addition, it is advisable to continually assess the awareness by regularly having Phishing tests carried out. These Phishing tests should have different levels of difficulty, from very simple to very difficult.

By regularly testing, your employees become more and more handy in recognizing these Phishing attacks.

Preparation is very important for IT services. It prevents small problems getting large problems. DigiState can help you with this and, as always, this can be scalable and cost-efficient.

Are you interested in this service or one of DigiState’s other IT Security services? Please feel free to contact us, and inform us how we can help you in securing your IT infrastructure.