Security issues

There are many situations in which your IT Infrastructure could be at risk for the increasingly larger and more complex external (and sometimes even internal) threats. DigiState has several solutions against threats in their product portfolio. Do you have any questions regarding IT Security?

Please let us know so we can help you identify the threats and matching solutions.

Security vraagstukken en oplossingen van DigiState

Common security issues

Ransomware is perhaps the best known of the major current threats. Since Cryptolocker in 2013, Ransomware is a continuously present, notorious threat and a worldwide concern for many companies and organizations. However, Ransomware has been around for much longer, but companies have not paid much attention to this prior to 2013.

Nowadays, a simple infection can paralyze an entire organization by encrypting important or indispensable files. After the contagion, companies will only find out that the backups they have are too old, so they think they are forced to respond to the blackmail from the makers of the ransomware and that they have no other choice then to pay the demanded fees.

Every time a company transfers money, the extortionists will continue with their actions and they will continue to blackmail companies. DigiState has various solutions to prevent (further) contamination. Solving a contamination afterwards is much more difficult, so if you want to prevent this, please contact us so we can advise you.

Targeted attacks and data leaks are other examples of common IT-security issues. In case of a possible data breach you were already required by law to report the breach. Now with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in place, this is even more important.

Criminal hackers are becoming more skilled and the attacks more advanced so never before seen hack are getting more common. Companies are often surprised when there has been a successful attack where data has been obtained. They will immediately start to fill the leaks and try to prevent the same attacks the next time, but a next attack will probably be something completely new.

A solution for this could be a service, where worldwide attacks are monitored and security systems are updated via the Cloud, as soon as there are new (types of) attacks. DigiState can provide excellent advice and support regarding this type of service.

Files-less attack is a new type of attack that uses the memory of systems. Some attacks use applications that are built into the operating system. A common form is the use of PowerShell for this specific type of attack. Existing detection systems that checks files for contaminations are therefore useless for these types of attacks.

Endpoint security platforms and special scanners can, for example, detect infected applications and protect against file-less attacks.

Multi-layer security

To counter the current and future threats, a single security layer is no longer sufficient. DigiState therefore offers endpoint security solutions that detect malware before, during and after execution. With the help of Dynamic Threat Defense, an extra layer can be implemented in the form of a cloud-based sandbox analysis. Because Dynamic Threat Defense focuses on the entire life cycle of the malware and not just one part of it, this can offer the highest possible security level.

Central Management platform

The file security solutions that DigiState offers can be fully managed via the Security Management Center. Deploy, perform tasks, configure policies, collect logs, receive notifications, and access to a security overview of your network. And all that through one central management platform.

Machine learning

Since 1997, all endpoint and server security solutions have been using machine learning in addition to all other defense methods. Machine learning is mainly used in the form of merged data and neural networks.

Security IoT (Internet of Things) and SCADA devices

In addition to various endpoint security solutions, DigiState also offers security for your IoT and SCADA devices. This is done via a system with 8 scanners that constantly searches for weak spots in your infrastructures security.

Should a network invader or hacker penetrate your IoT & SCADA infrastructure despite the various forms of security, this system will sound a silent alarm.

Continuous SCADA network monitoring

Information security is an ongoing process. New ways are constantly being devised to penetrate systems. Dozens of new vulnerabilities per month are discovered in systems that hackers are only too happy to use. This means that an infrastructure, which appeared to be safe yesterday, is suddenly vulnerable today. That is why continuous monitoring of your IoT or SCADA environment is essential. With this you know, sooner than the hacker, where the potential leaks are, so you can proactively fix them.

Accept that it can go wrong

The reality is: no matter how well your network is being monitored, it can go wrong. Hacker Alert has been developed for this. If suspicious network traffic is detected, you will be immediately informed of this so that you can intervene immediately. The DigiState team will assist you.

Precautionary actions

Naturally, the preventive measures to be taken depend on the sensitivity of the information, the infrastructure and also the rules that apply to your (type) organization. The available budget must always be included in the considerations.

A minimum list of measures to be taken are well-known solutions such as an (effective) firewall, updated antivirus and anti-malware products, but something that is often forgotten is the continuous and adequate instruction of employees.

As last but not entirely unimportant, what if the preventive measures do not work? What will you do if a successful attack is detected? Who is going to deal with this breach in your organization and who or which organization will you ask for help? It is important to be and stay in control yourself. Make (if necessary, together with your IT service provider) different scenarios and record these in a manual / scenario and …. make sure that you can always access this manual, certainly during calamities!

Good preparation is half the work, and DigiState is happy to help you with this preparation. Feel free to contact us to inquire about how we can help you in securing your IT infrastructure.