Increase your productivity with Microsoft 365

Would you like to be able to work anywhere, not only in the office but also on the road and from your desk at home? And use a smartphone, laptop or tablet of your choice? With Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), this is possible! You’ll always use the latest versions of Microsoft Office applications and have complete access to your files and emails via the Internet wherever you are.

Nowadays most companies need much larger mailboxes and storage spaces for their employees. Furthermore, it’s essential to be able to collaborate with colleagues in real-time with the help of tools like SharePoint or in documents stored in the cloud. Most versions of Microsoft 365 allow you to install the familiar applications on your own computer, moreover, the documents are safely stored in your OneDrive environment and you get 1 TB of storage capacity and a 50 GB mailbox per user.

“DigiState helps companies make the transition to Microsoft 365 and that goes beyond just a license. DigiState helps you actually migrate to Microsoft 365, set everything up properly and exploit the possibilities Microsoft 365 has to offer.”

Simple and secure file sharing

With Microsoft 365, it is easier to share documents and collaborate in documents with multiple people at the same time. You can decide which file or document you want to share and with whom. This can be a colleague, a customer or a supplier – it keeps you in control of the data and who has access to it.

Backup in the cloud

Because your files are stored in the cloud at Microsoft, you can be sure about their impeccable security. With Microsoft 365, you won’t lose any files because someone accidentally deleted them – you’ll be always able to restore a previous version of a file or restore it from the backup.

Licensing management

In addition, managing Microsoft 365 is a lot less hassle than managing all Office packages that are installed on any computer. You’ll always work with the latest version and the number of licenses is easy to adjust when new employees join the company.

In short, these are the main advantages of Microsoft 365:

  • You will always work with the latest versions of Microsoft Office applications
  • Your documents will be always up to date
  • Collaborating with multiple people in one document will be easy as 1-2-3
  • A simple exchange of files (internal/external)
  • 1 TB of cloud storage per user
  • Large mailboxes (50 GB)
  • Simple licencing management.

Microsoft 365

Why Microsoft 365 at DigiState?

Microsoft and DigiState are reliable business partners for many years. In addition, Digistate’s clients are more than happy with the services provided: according to reviews on, 47 clients gave a satisfaction rating of 100 (out of 100)!

Is Microsoft 365 something for your company? Consult DigiState – we will be happy to help you with a smooth implementation of Microsoft 365 in your organization.