Fast delivery of your hosting package

Do you have a great idea for a new website, then you at least need a hosting environment and a domain name. A quality hosting provider allows you to customize your hosting package according to your customer specific requirements.

The large amount of companies within the hosting industry offers a wide variety of hosting services. The cost and quality of these services vary greatly. DigiState wants to distinguish itself from the hosting industry price fighters through personal contact and qualitative service.

  • For all CMS types: Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.
  • Tailored to your technology requirements
  • Enthusiastic and personal service
  • No unexpected bills afterwards
  • Available

We make the difference

Currently the hosting industry is dominated by price fighters, at DigiState we do not offer the cheapest packages at the lowest price. DigiState focuses on accessible web hosting with a high focus on quality by removing annoying helpdesk queues. Quick information based on a person to person conversation.

DigiState makes the difference in accessible hosting

If you call us, you immediately get a technical person on the phone. The pricing of our proposition might be a little higher but we also offers you much more. With this approach, our employees know more about your configuration, your company and your technical expertise. This not only saves time but also prevents frustration.

By monitoring the server load of all our clients’ servers we are able to inform them proactively. We will assist you in performing the necessary adjustments to your website or application. For references or more information regarding web hosting, please contact us via our contact page.