DigiState focuses on web developer hosting

Whether running a company with 50 employees or running a company of one, hosting for web developers remains a complicated issue. Some web development agencies don’t want to offer hosting in their proposition, other agencies do. The agencies that don’t offer hosting are often afraid the quality of their coding will be part of a discussion or understand that hosting is not their expertize.

The agencies that do offer web hosting besides developing applications or websites, probably have some good contracts or are quite familiar with working specific control panels. In this way, the support contract for the maintenance of a server could be a pleasant way to generate additional income.

To be able to offer attractive hosting services for web developers, DigiState has taken a number of steps to guarantee quality and continuity. Although an online customer portal to order extra resources is very efficient, we try to offer accessible web hosting by consultation and sharing our knowledge. DigiState aims to make a difference by sizing, scoping and doing proof of concept projects.

We like to work closer with web development agencies than others do. In this way we can co-create tailor-made proposals and offer you the flexibility that we think is necessary for qualitative technical and commercial support.

After an introductory meeting we can assist you with tender processes and setting up support contracts so you can focus on a long-term relationship with your customer.

If the company size of your customer allows it or even demands it, we can offer to act as your primary helpdesk. To us, the essence of hosting for web developers is that it has to be fast and efficient.

DigiState as knowledge partner

Web developers often have great technical knowledge and therefore know most of what is available on the hosting market. We give them the opportunity to utilize DigiState as knowledge partner. In these cases, the web partner is responsible for the physical condition of a server but DigiState performs maintenance and management of any Linux, Microsoft or application layer, all based on a server support contract.

Upon request we can also assist with configuration of firewalls or setting up backups. If necessary, we just configure these devices for you. All the devices will then be added to the DigiState monitoring portal. With the help of this portal all technical and support information regarding your customers is at your disposal in one single interface. This information shows you the load and the use of the devices so you know exactly when you need to inform your customers. It will help you to optimize performances with all your customers.

Do you have a specific case that you want to discuss with us or do you want more information on financials and our proposition on qualitative hosting for web developers, please contact DigiState.

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