Public Cloud – Do it yourself or outsource?

We realize that no cloud solution is the same. Based on our own technical philosophy, we work with Citrix while others might prefer to work with VMWare or Microsoft. The most important thing for you and our customers nevertheless is accessible hosting. Your hosting environment should always be available and managed by someone who is knowledgeable and with whom you have a personal connection.

For international projects, DigiState offers public cloud management of any cloud procured so the smartest value for money can be obtained. Where ever you use an infrastructure provider, DigiState takes responsibility for the availability of the operating system and applications that are important to you (managed services), the infrastructure provider provides the management of the physical machines (Infrastructure-as-a-Service).

This way you still know what to expect and you can count on DigiState to take charge in cross-border projects or in projects where the resource model can vary considerably.

Do you have questions regarding the public cloud solutions of OnApp, Rackspace, Google, Microsoft or the Dutch company CloudVPS? We can assist you in delivering your projects correctly. On request we can not only with the configuration and management but also with acquisition of services.

Public cloud management has never been easier.

When could this be interesting?

The costs of public cloud management can be very high. On the other hand, a good business case can also lead to a practical solution when you make a more permanent decision.

Publieke cloud beheren

  • You are an advertising agency in the Netherlands and you have to launch a global campaign
  • The current hosting provider does keep your hardware working but is unable to keep the operating system active
  • For legal reasons it is necessary to host your hosting platform abroad
  • The combination of 3rd party hosting combined with DigiState management is financially interesting

DigiState stands for fair and accessible hosting services and offers with this proposition a solution that is not followed by many other hosting companies. Do you have questions regarding our proposition, please contact DigiState.