Speed up your site with caching services

Caching reduces the delay of data traveling from a server to the user. Your computer’s RAM, for example, is a caching system that spares your running programs from needing to access the hard drive thousands or even millions of times during execution. Web caching on the Internet works similarly; it prevents a round trip to the original server (which could be on the other end of the world) every time the user requests a resource.

Web caches operate between the web server and the clients’ browser, where they can save copies of resources (HTML pages, images, scripts, stylesheets, etc.) as they pass them on. When a client requests one of these resources, the web cache can return it itself instead of forwarding the request to the web server.

When the speed of your website is related to commercial success you will probably want to monitor it closely. Having DigiState as your partner, guarantees capable and committed engineers always improving accessibility and speed of your website. Speed equals satisfied customers and better ranking in search engines.

When is caching worth considering?

To ensure quality and speed, DigiState not only works with the best internet providers but also searches proactively for ways to speed up your website. When we are convinced that your code is tuned optimally we then will examine if your website speed can benefit from caching your site. We will examine both user side as server side. For you, the most important thing is that you can provide the best user experience to your website visitors even at peak hours.

When you launch a campaign, on public holidays or when you host a temporary online event. If you spend money to increase traffic to your website this may also increase temporary extra load on your servers. In some cases, caching services could be more interesting than making changes to your server configuration. We can give you advice on the configuration of the right caching solution for any specific business case or website configuration.

Are you launching a promotion and do you like to know what to do in such a case, please contact DigiState. We help you to keep your operational costs manageable (regardless of your configuration benefits from caching services).