Managed Services

DigiState offers a divers portfolio of Managed Services with which we can help you with all aspects of sizing specifications and requirements when it comes to standard and non standard hosting environments.

After your website or application has been delivered and is functioning properly, we can offer you a trial period so you can measure the average and peak traffic loads in order to further ensure smooth processes and an optimal user experience. The information that you gather from a testing period can show you exactly when you need to scale up or have to change strategy within your business model. If done properly it will help you plan budgets and gain extra insights into any potential security- and or business continuity threads.

Why contact DigiState for hosting advice? Speed! Research shows that a fast loading website not only improves the user experience but also improves your Google ranking (SEO). How do you measure your site speed? Use tools like Pingdom and Webpagetest. Are you not yet familiar with tools like these, then just ask DigiState for free advice. If you are in doubt, we gladly offer you a proof of concept, the outcome will give you useful hosting advice.

Client case ValueCare

Hospitals generate truly staggering amounts of data. They’re filled with different departments, each with its own specific procedures, policies, and patients. It’s essential that all of this data is aggregated and protected correctly.

“Outsourcing server management allows us to stay focused on project development.” – Ruud van Weerdenburg CEO ValueCare

Our client ValueCare provides data monitoring solutions for hospitals, ensuring that the data they collect is both accurate and complete. If any discrepancies are detected, a follow-up action is assigned to the relevant employee. This represents quite a challenge: hospitals are subject to a complex, ever-changing set of protocols and standards. Constant monitoring is necessary to ensure that everything complies with the latest regulations.

More than just hosting advice

If you ask us for hosting advice, you will get much more than that. We will give you information on all kinds of hosting issues. When is a Service Level Agreement useful? When do you decide to move from a shared server to a dedicated server or could a Cloud server be the smarter choice?

If you want more free hosting advice, follow our blog and Social Media on which we write articles on the influences of CDN, caching services and compression techniques that can be used to speed up your website.

DigiState can offer you assistance in solving all types of hosting issues to optimize user experience. Partnering up with DigiState not only means having the best user experience, but also means the safety of all data that is essential to your business. If you have any questions about a specific business case, please contact us to setup an introductory meeting.