Accessible Cloud Hosting

Accessible cloud hosting seems to be contradictory. The cloud is an infrastructure that is spread across multiple servers to guarantee continuity and resources. The management software that operates the cloud enables you to scale your resources up and down but also guarantees availability. The DigiState Cloud does not only provide continuity and sufficient resources but also provides privacy and security.

At DigiState we use a mix of national and international data centers and server stacks based on Xen, Hyper-V and ESX so we are able to offer you the most ideal mix of services. This mix offers both you and us the following USPs:

  • Data privacy: your data is just where you want it to be
  • Flexibility: different hybrid structures with, for example the Google or Microsoft cloud
  • Efficiency: we can rapidly setup a new environment, anytime, anywhere!
  • Support levels: DigiState offers you the same contractual guarantees anywhere in the world

Starting up your Cloud

Hosting your website based on a cloud hosting contract is effective because you have more options for scalability and uptime guarantees. The cloud enables the distinction of front and back-end services which not only provides more security but also contributes to the availability by spreading front-end content across different servers.

Bereikbare cloud hosting door DigiState

When you use a cloud solution when launching your website, it also prevents downtime. If you need more resources, just scale up wherever you need to!

If you have questions regarding your website in connection to cloud hosting, please contact us for a free consultation.