Quality-as-a-Standard (QAAS)

hosting services by DigiState
DigiState offers a complete and mature portfolio of hosting services. You do business with us because you do not yet have the necessary knowledge or resources. You talk to us because you are looking for the right balance between information, resources, knowledge and a good price.

We offer these hosting services to ensure that your website is accessible, anytime and anywhere:

  • Domain names (national and international)
  • Shared hosting (shared resources at a low price – windows and linux)
  • Dedicated hosting (fixed resources on a fixed machine – windows and linux)
  • Cloud hosting (virtual services with scalable resources – windows and linux)
  • Firewalls
  • Load balancers

Based on a detailed inventory we can offer you conscientious advice in making the correct digital choices. We can configure a tailor-made solution fitted to your options and with the best user experience and highest level of security in mind.

But what do you charge?

Why don’t we just say what prices we charge? DigiState believes the hosting needs of our customers are not always the same. After talking about the physical resources of a server we will then talk about the management of an operating system (with any specific expectations), or a specific way of operating when it comes to the CMS. We have chosen to work this way because we believe this is the only way to be truly distinctive and quality focused.

When you turn to DigiState for support don’t expect helpdesk queues and tedious introductions or phonecalls. We will immediately connect you to someone who is knowledgeable on websites and on all aspects of hosting services.

How long do I normally wait for a quote? For all our hosting services you will receive an extensive specification with all possible variations and specified costs within 36 hours. You will get both quality and personal contact because that is the only way for you to know which hosting services are really distinctive!

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