Hosting Service Provider DigiState Signs a Joint Partnership with Lithuanian HyperOps

The new partnership between Dutch and Lithuanian companies is an important milestone in the hosting market development within the region. The partnership aims to deliver more inclusive services to the Lithuanian hosting sector and help both companies to establish their businesses internationally. HyperOps (Lithuania) and DigiState (the Netherlands) hosting companies joined forces in bridging two

2020-07-09T09:43:06+02:008 July, 2020|Blog|

7 Best Practices for Cybersecurity

7 Best Practices for CybersecurityIT security is crucial for every organization. It is also a very broad and difficult discipline to master. With almost all systems facing the Internet and infrastructures becoming more complicated and larger, security has become a serious challenge for any organization. Absolute security may be not feasible, but a number of

2020-03-06T11:17:35+01:006 March, 2020|Blog|
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