Our slogan is “Accessible Hosting”. Not only because we are always accessible, but also because we are affordable. Every person and every company deserves to use the services purchased without interruptions and get assistance immediately when they need it at an affordable price, without compromises.

Therefore, our vision is to bring accessible hosting and IT infrastructure management closer to you. It’s more than a timely provision of services, friendly communication or knowing that the person at the other end of the handset can quickly solve your problem, it’s a feeling of being always appreciated and welcome, whether you’re a part of a small company or an international enterprise.

We’re ready to make accessibility the new industry standard and spread it way beyond the Netherlands and the Baltics.


The highest quality of services is what we strive for. From the very first contact to the everyday management of your infrastructure, we will run that extra mile to make you happy.

We truly believe that happy employees make happy clients: flat and open culture with growth and training possibilities encourage people to stay with us for years and provide top-notch client service that puts a smile on your face.

Furthermore, we aim to be the biggest supporters on your path to digital success. Our ever-expanding service portfolio will make sure your infrastructure is continuously running and safe in our hands.