Server Technology

DigiState offers different forms of server technology for web hosting solutions to different types of users. We identified three key components simular for all our customers:

  • Availability: How do you ensure that my website is always accessible?
  • Accessibility: How do you ensure that my server is always accessible for my customers?
  • Resources: Do I have enough space on my server?

We supply various types of server technology and standards with website hosting:

  • A bare metal server: a physical server tuned to the individual needs and to always have enough resources on which operating systems, security facilities and backups are configured.
  • A private cloud: a combination of several physical servers with multiple operating systems which can be managed. Depending on the technical requirements different servers can be allocated different resources like memory or disk space.
  • A public cloud: server infrastructure provided by DigiState of which the management is handled by us, on which you are allocated a maximum number of resources.
  • Shared hosting: Similar to our public cloud server but on shared hosting, the site runs on one shared physical server along with several other clients. In case of high server load, the website has to be moved to a hosting environment with more (available) resources.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is very important for us and for our customers so we provide our customers the opportunity to host their data locally or globally in our data centers. Due to legal or organizational reasons some customers value data is stored within the Netherlands.

Data privacy met diensten van DigiState

The advanced 24/7 DigiState management system enables us to monitor all servers and act where necessary. Depending on the required accessibility we can allocate the necessary website hosting resources across multiple datacenters to be able to handle heavy loads or act immediately in case of technical emergencies. If the server is unavailable or in case of another problem in the physical infrastructure, our engineers receive a text message so they can take the necessary measures.

Do you need more protection or support than just physical safety, then DigiState also offers additional services in the areas of security, backups and faster user experience. The idea behind this improved website hosting is simple, it is impossible for you to keep track of the rapidly changing technologies. Our engineers assist your employees to ensure that your business is always available. We guide our customers in all Microsoft and Linux challenges they might encounter.

DigiStates’ central infrastructure is hosted across multiple data centers in the Netherlands. These data centers are connected through their own redundant fiber optic network. We have specifically chosen Dutch data centers because of Dutch data privacy laws. We know exactly what to expect. DigiState strongly believes in data protected by Dutch law and data privacy.