Accessible Hosting

Are you looking for a website that is always accessible? Do you like working with people who can communicate in a language that you actually understand, about what is going wrong with the website or what isn’t a smart thing to do? DigiState is a friendly and young hosting provider (we started in 2007) who communicates in a direct manner. DigiState focusses on providing accessible web hosting solutions.

DigiState can help you operate your webshop, blog or company website in a cost efficient way. In addition to website hosting we can assist you in the field of domain names (nationally and internationally), e-mail and we can protect you from hackers.

To us accessible hosting is not just a website that is always available but also means offering a helpdesk that is always available and can explain you what is going on in a way that everyone can understand. The advantage of partnering with a partner such as DigiState is that we do not only have knowledge of ICT business (we are in located at several large Dutch data centers), but we can also think along and help to improve the speed of your website. Higher speed of a website equals more pleasant user experience and provides a better ranking in search engines like Google.

Secure Hosting

Accessible web hosting is not only fast hosting and clear communication. Accessible hosting is also secure hosting. We realize that most of our clients are not very proficient in the areas of security, so we assist start-ups safely setting up their hosting environment. We coach you to deal with a growing number of visitors and advice in dealing with issues that come with (rapid) growth, perhaps even things you didn’t anticipate.

DigiState hosting is secure hosting

Do you already know your way around the IT landscape? Are you skilled enough yourself to work on accessible web hosting? Don’t you have the resources to have a 24/7 web team, we are glad to assist you where needed.